Web Hosting with 4d2 dot org

We are probably not your typical web host. We don't take ourselves very seriously, but we are fast and we know what we're doing. (It follows that you will probably like us better if you have some idea as to what you're doing.) But basically, if you have something to say and would like not to deal with the crap associated with most shared hosting today, we would like to talk to you.

In 2013, as interest in our hosting project and niche Internet technologies grew, we organized ourselves as a nonprofit corporation, the Dev Null Foundation, with a mission to promote education, communication and accessibility online. In line with this mission, we provide our hosting services at no cost to individuals and 501(c)(3) nonprofits with something to say. If you are a for-profit business in need of hosting, we'll provide you the same services at a fair cost -- the proceeds help subsidize our core not-for-profit mission. Of course, we will also gratefully accept monetary donations; please see the Dev Null Foundation website for more information.

Have a look at the details below, and if you have any questions or would like to sign up, shoot us an e-mail.

What we can do
Pretty much anything that can be accommodated in a Linux environment. Web hosting with CGI, PHP, MySQL, etc., mail hosting with IMAP and POP, and shell access are all readily available. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide niche services such as Gopher, Telnet BBS systems, and many more. As far as web hosting is concerned, we can most likely provide anything else you might need, such as mod_python, custom PHP modules, Ruby on Rails node.js (insert fad of the month here), etc., on request. Webmail is available for all hosted mail accounts through SquirrelMail. We also have a custom web-based administration panel that allows you to view your account details and make minor changes at any time.

We can provide you with one or more subdomains (you.4d2.org), you can bring your own domain(s) (www.you.com), or we can register a domain for you (at a cost). We can host your DNS, or you can, according to your preference. For mail hosting, if you have a subdomain you'll get an address @4d2.org, and if you have a domain you can set up addresses @you.com.

You can upload files to your site via SFTP or FTP. There's also a web-based FTP interface if you're so inclined.

As we mentioned earlier, we really, really like to provide our services for free wherever we can. If your site meets the following criteria:
  1. Has no commercial purpose (i.e. doesn't sell anything, isn't for a business);
  2. Contains no commercial advertisements (plugs for companies that aren't paying you are OK);
  3. Does not solicit money from visitors in any way; and
  4. Contributes something to the Internet and/or humanity (we are pretty liberal in our application of this policy),
we will host you for free.

Otherwise, you are welcome to join us as a commercial customer. We use an à la carte pricing model, where your monthly rate is the sum of:
- $2.50 if we're hosting one or more websites for you
- $1.50 if we're hosting one or more e-mail accounts for you
- $0.75 for each MySQL database we host for you
- $0.40 for each GB of disk space you require
- $0.15 for each GB of bandwidth you've used

Finer points of pricing:
The disk space charge is not based on your actual usage; rather, you let us know in advance how much space you would like reserved for your use, and we guarantee that space to you. We do not oversell resources. You can change the amount of space you need at any time, and for reasonably small increases there's no need to wait for us to give you the OK to use the space -- just let us know and go ahead.

Space consumed by your e-mail is part of your disk space allocation. We don't bother with space consumed by your MySQL databases unless they get really large (in excess of 250MB).

If you go over your disk allocation, you'll get an automated email and we'll get in touch with you. Nothing horrible will happen.

Your bandwidth usage only includes HTTP and FTP bandwidth. It doesn't include bandwidth used by email or other protocols, because that would be nitpicky and a waste of everyone's time.

You can view your current bandwidth usage, disk allocation, etc. at any time via our nifty custom administration panel.

Our "SLA"
Let's get this out of the way first: We are not a commercial operation. Although we take industry standard measures to prevent downtime--hardware redundancy, hosting in a quality commercial datacenter with UPS and generator backups, and so on--we cannot guarantee a level of service appropriate for a business. If you are making enough money with your website to be able to afford an SLA, then for goodness' sake go do business with someone who can give you one. Now that that's done: We will let you know about planned downtime via e-mail. There isn't likely to be much of it. We will do our best to keep things from going wrong and to fix them when they do go wrong. When things go wrong and it is our fault we will apologize. If at any point you are unhappy with anything, we will refund your money for the month. We do not have a history of large amounts of unplanned downtime.

Acceptable use policy
You can't do anything that's illegal in the United States of America, and you can't host anonymous FTP sites. You can't operate, or be affiliated with, any kind of gambling operation, because it could jeopardize our status as a charity. You also can't do anything that makes other people's lives less pleasant -- spamming, attacking other sites or servers, attempting to compromise our servers, etc. Other than that, we're cool.

Or, to put it even more simply: Yes, we will host your porn site. Yes, even if it is (legally) creepy. No, we will not host your warez FTP or public DC++ server or whatever obviously, gratuitously illegal things the kids are doing these days. We will defend your right to free speech to the death, but if you are doing anything fucking stupid, we will turn everything we have over to the authorities in response to the gentlest, most non-legally-binding of requests. Please direct any complaints concerning our use of the word "fucking" in the previous sentence to ashcroft@regent.edu.

Pricing examples
Here are a couple of practical examples in case our pricing confuses you:

Question 1: John runs a personal blog that contains no advertisements and does not ask for donations, and John is a reasonably interesting guy. John runs WordPress, so he needs a MySQL database. He needs a total of 200 MB of disk space and wants us to host his e-mail. He has a lot of content and several hundred visitors a day, so he uses 5 GB of bandwidth per month. How much does John pay?
Answer: John pays nothing for hosting.

Question 2. John runs the same blog as in #1, but has ads on his site and/or asks for donations from his visitors. How much does John pay?
Answer: John pays $5.58 per month for hosting.

Question 3. Mary has a start-up business with a very small website designed to attract clients. She has no database and needs only 10 MB of disk space. She uses 500 MB of bandwidth per month, and doesn't want us to host any e-mail accounts. How much does Mary pay?
Answer: Mary pays $2.57 per month.

Question 4. UltraMegaDyneCorp needs a fully redundant virtualized deployment including private cloud APIs, fast SAN storage, a /19 public IP allocation, connection to quality multi-homed bandwidth with a total capacity of at least 10 Gbps, and 24/7 physical access to two dedicated 42U cabinets in a colocation facility. They have inexplicably faxed us a solicitation to bid on these services. How do we address their needs?
Answer: We all have a good laugh and respond with a lowball bid written in crayon.

4d2 dot org is a project of the /dev/null foundation, a nonprofit public charity.